What Will Happen If Earth Lost Its Oxygen For 5 Seconds?

Earth Oxygen
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Oxygen is one of the most important and necessary gases in the atmosphere. It is not the  most abundant but for sure it plays a vital role in the survival of almost all the life forms on Earth. Well, what will happen if this vital gas is lost from our Planet Earth For Just 5 Seconds? Let us find out!


Oxygen Lost


What if Oxygen is lost for 5 seconds?


Everyone at the beach would immediately get Sunburns

It is because molecular oxygen in the air protects our skin from UV radiations.

The Daytime Sky would get Dark

The fewer the particles to bounce light, means a dark and almost black sky!

All the pieces of untreated metal would spot weld to each other

The only thing preventing metal from welding together is the layer of Oxidation.

The Earth’s Crust Would Crumble

It is because Oxygen makes up to 45% of the Earth’s Crust.

Everyone’s Inner Ear Would Explode

It is because we would lose 21% of the air pressure!

Every building made out of concrete would turn into dust

It is because Oxygen is an important in concrete.

The oceans would evaporate and bleed into space

Water is 1/3 oxygen. Without it hydrogen would turn into a gaseous state an expand in volume.


What if the amount of Oxygen is doubled?


Oxygen Doubled


Paper planes would fly further!
We would get better gas mileage!
We would be more happier and alert!
It would improve our cognition and physical performance!



Giant Insects

There would be Giant Insects

It is because the size of an insect’s body is determined by the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere!

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