How Will The Universe End?

End of The Universe
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When we look at the night sky, we are always amazed by the objects out there and the mysteries surrounding them. We are always in search of something that we have never seen before. We are always in hope of finding extraterrestrial life out there in our universe (we could not be alone after all!).

All the stars, galaxies etc. that are present out there are the result of a phenomena known as the Big Bang. The event that happened about 13.5 billion years ago and is said to be the phenomena that gave birth to our universe.

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Well, the Big Bang theory has been accepted by almost all the scientists across the globe but there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the probable end of our universe! How will it end?

End of the Universe!?!

Let us dive into some theories that seem legit regarding the possible end of the universe.


The Big Crunch

End of The Universe

Well as the  name suggests, the universe will end in an exact opposite way to the Big Bang. Our Universe is expanding at a tremendous rate. But, this expansion is also affected by the Gravity of the Universe.

What this theory suggests is that gravity will eventually cause this expansion to slow down to the point where it halts and begins to contract instead. The contraction will eventually bring all the stars, planets, galaxies, clusters etc. to the center point where they will eventually collapse to become the infinitely dense singularity again.

We don’t know what would happen next. May be the event of the Big Bang repeat itself and give rise to a new universe with an entirely different physics and life. [Source]

Inevitable Heat Death

Inevitable Heat Death

Consider a situation where gravity cannot overcome the expansion and the universe keeps on expanding exponentially. Galaxies will continue to drift apart and the void between them will become wider and wider.

The universe behaves in the same way a thermodynamic system behaves, i.e. heat is evenly distributed across all the celestial bodies. If the process continues the stars will all wink-out one-by-one and there would be no energy left to ignite new ones. Ultimately, the whole universe will end up being covered in a blanket of darkness. The universe will enter a state of equilibrium and we will be left with just the particles in a void. [Source]

The End of Time

The End of Time

Time is eternal, ain’t it? Space and time go hand-in-hand. What if time just loses its momentum and froze? Without time there will be no “moments.” Just that particular instant of time.

Consider that time is infinite. So, there is a 100% probability of something happening that could possibly happen(kind of confusing!). The same paradox happens when you are, say, immortal or eternal.

Scientists say, after billions of years (years after Earth and probably the Solar System or even the Milky way has gone!) the time would just grind to a halt. “Everything will be frozen like a snapshot of one instant, forever.” But, you cannot call it forever since time is not moving forward at all. It would be that just one instant in time. It would be kind of a pseudo immortality. [Source]

The Big Rip

The Big Rip

Since the theory of Big Bang was proposed, we use “Big” in everything that relates to the Universe (Just Kidding!). Scientists think that Dark Energy is probably the reason for this tremendous expansion rate of the universe.

So, it is said that there will be a time when the universe couldn’t be expanded anymore and that it will eventually be ripped apart. According to scientists the Big Rip is scheduled to occur in the next 16 billion years. All the matter that could probably be existing at that point along with life would be burnt and torn apart! Scary, right? [Source]

There are a lot other ways and theories that are proposed by the scientists regarding the probable end of the universe. But, for me the above four theories seem to be legit.

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